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Upcoming Features

Over 15 Servers located worldwide will give you a broad Geographic reach for analyzing your website. Analyze the loading of your website/webpages from different regions around the world to see how the website latency and speed are performing.

Optimization of Authenticated Pages

Test page behind authentication without any Hassle. WebAnalyzer lets you test WebPages which are behind Login Pages or any authentication. WebAnalyzer uses Cookie Base Approach with assuring Privacy to this.

Mobile App Testing

Test your Mobile with real devices WebAnalyzer uses AWS Cloud for their Testing Scenarios. Utilize one of our implicit systems, to test your applications without writing custom scripts or code. The Automation system will be launching soon.

All in One Report

Compare with multiple websites to get a look at where your website stands in this competitive world. Here you can test up to 5 webpages parallelly and compare the results.