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WebAnalyzer Tools And Services

Get Developers API-Access and Developer Console, Check Our Website Analysis Tools and Service We Offer.


The Web-Analyzer API is a service that returns information about all the analysis using HTTP requests. It provides the full access to features that web-view has for the developers to use in any website. The result would be accumulated with CSS, JS, Content, Image Analysis. The API shares the usage quota per day. To access the full features of the service, click the Get-Started button.

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Major Threats


Why should we worry about the factors in our Website which are already performing well with respect to Optimization criterias, only focus on the poor performing factors. Get actionable insights which need urgent attention to boost the page load time. It's an analysis that focuses on the factors which are performing poorly and needs to be fixed to speed up the page load time. Our Analysis algorithm has categorized some issues as high priority fixes, as they are the primary blocking sources in WebPage Speed. Web-Analyzer provides you with category wise threats. For non-programmers, it also illustrates the major threats and their causes. You can download a comprehensive PDF report of the major threat analysis.

Automated Alerting and Reports


Signed up users receive automated reports on the emails. With the interactive and graphics-rich dashboard, enjoy features like the website of the day where you can analyse a full website every day. It means Web-Analyzer would crawl every link on the website and generate a detailed report of every page on the website. The report would be sent automatically to the email when the crawler finishes scanning the whole website. For a complete scan of every page on the website, the average time is 30-40 minutes. In addition to this, users can monitor up to 5 unique webpages everyday hourly. This hourly monitoring would test the webpages every hour and send the pdf report to the users every day.

No More Slow WebPages.

Test your website with all the in-depth analysis and make your webpage load faster than ever.