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Website Of the day

The Website of the day is a feature where you can test a complete website. Simply you have to enter the website URL in the input field and submit. We would show you the webpages the site has before start analyzing them. Once you confirm and Click on The Start Test, the crawler at the backend would analyze each page. A comprehensive report of all the webpages would be sent to the registered email within a few minutes.The average time for a report would be 30-40 minutes. Suppose You are testing www.example.com. The Web-Analyzer would fetch you the webpages the example.com has, e.g. example.com/about-us,example.com/login, example.com/dashboard. Moreover, with automation, a report would be sent to the email. Web Analyse empowers the privileged users to analyze the multi-page website, including every linked URL(internal) on the site. Once the test completes, get notified and receive a detailed report of the individual page in a downloadable format to your email ID.