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WebPages Statistics

Gain insight into your website's statistics with the click of a button. View the performance history through user-friendly charts and analyzing graphs. Web Analyser algorithm allocates personalized data repository to individual users to track the historical performance of the tested URLs in a highly structured way. Get to know the performance level of each URL and prioritize which URL needs the most attention. WebAnalyser classifies each URL into a category (good, average and weak), based on a variety of information (such as page size, time to the first byte, etc.). Keep historical track of all the URLs. It includes the geographic information along with detailed timing of the URL, simulated device, TTFB or the server response time, total page requests, page size and webpage load time. View the overall performance of the webpage. The number of time you run the test, the algorithm stores the test results and present the overall average score of the URL. It also includes the average load time, TTFB, image size, page size and Load testing results. Visualize the website performance over the period and identify the pattern in the overall score through time-series analysis. Get expert recommendations to fix any issues. Get a detailed report analysis and compare the URL performance on different connections.