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Load Testing

Our users have access to Load Test your website to check how much users/requests a site can handle. Stress-test your websites to ensure they can handle peak traffic conditions. Load checks how the web page or application behaves during normal and high loads. It would help in finding if current server configuration is sufficient to run the web-application or not. It would determines the steadiness and robustness of the webpage and webserver.The process is simple to configure the test. Just go here and input the no of users with number of requests per second to test. You can also set the time for the load to run on your website. The result displays the following metrics : 1.Average Response Time (Sec) 2.Fail Ratio (%) 3.Max Response Time (Sec) 4.Median Response Time (Sec) 5.Total Requests Per Second 6.Total Content Length 7.Threshold of a break