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Test Throttle Bandwidth

Find out how much time does it take to load the web page on several network connections (Broadband/2G/3G/4G). Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing or speeding of internet service. There are times when our website is loading fast and working smoothly on 4G while performs not so useful or takes higher seconds to load on 2G/3G. Web-Analyzer gives you the option to test on the network connection you want, which ultimately gives you a more comprehensive look at the website performance issues if any.

Optimizing your site's performance under varying network conditions is a crucial aspect of developing for a mobile audience. Mobile network speed (2G/3G/4G) is not as fast as broadband/fiber internet. So, the web page may load quicker on a desktop but slower on mobile devices. You can quickly test how your web page loads on several connections speed to simulate Dial-Up, 2G/3G, DSL or Cable. Technically when you choose a network for the tests, Web-Analyzer regulates a bandwidth intensive device (such as a server) by limiting how much data that device can accept or receive according to the analysis.