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Web-Analyzer Performance Features

Take a sneak at our Website Analyzing Features and Tools to speed up any Website Optimization.

Security Analysis

Discover Common Web Application Vulnerabilities and Server Configuration Issues. Enter the website domain, and find Server Leaks or Threats like Phishing, Domain Spoofing, Cross Site Scripting, PenTesting etc.

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SEO Optimization

Running an SEO Audit will analyze your On-Page SEO, Link Metrics, AI Content Recommendations for the Website. WebAnalyzer will scan web pages and their content to be easily discoverable by Search Engines.

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Google LightHouse Testing

Running LightHouse on an Emulated Device will run a barrage of tests, and Generates a report on Page Performance. We have inbuilt Google LightHouse in such a way that you will do your Website Performance with ease.

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Load Testing

Load Test your website to check how much users/requests a site can handle. Stress test your websites to ensure they can handle peak traffic conditions.

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24*7 Monitoring

Get notified whenever your website changes or scores down on Optimization. Just Enter the Website Url and Get Alerted Via Email/Slack of minute of changes. We monitor website changes… so you don't have to.

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Mobile Optimization

Test and Analyze Real Time Website Loading Experience on Mobile Devices. Analyzing Mobile Friendliness, View Ports, Responsiveness and Real Time Mobile Device Loading Experience.

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Image Optimization and Compression

Automatic Fetching and Optimization of images from any website and Smart Image Compression without loosing Quality with AI.

Test Website from Any World Location

Instantly analyse your website from 15 servers and check your CDN's performance and if webpage is optimised enough to load quicker all around the globe.

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Deep Dom Analysis

Test and Analyse Each element of Webpage's Html, Css and Javascript for improper use of attributes,properties,methods and get the recommendations to fix.

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Performance Api Credits

Using the WebAnalyzer API, you can integrate performance testing into your development environment ... Use WebAnalyzer API to get Developers API-Access, Learn About Our Resources, Quotas and Reports

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Compare Multiple WebSites

Compare with multiple websites to get a look at where your website stands in this competitive world. Test, Analyze and Compare Upto Five Compeitiors Websites to know The Performance Comparision.

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WebPages Major Threats

If only you care about the issues and things which are below performance criteria, this is the section that would help you. Major threats segerates the other factors.

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Test Throttle Bandwidth

Find out how much time does it take to load the web page on several network connections (Broadband/2G/3G/4G). Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing or speeding of an internet service.

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