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Why Do You Need To Monitor Your Website Performance

Created by - Dhanesh ,

June 5, 2020, 1:56 p.m.

Website performance can make or break an online venture. 

DoubleClick by Google discovered that websites loading in 5 seconds had 70% lengthier sessions, 35% decreased bounce rates and 25% increased ad viewability compared to websites that prolong loading time to four times as long as 19 seconds. 


In the same study, Google also revealed that 53% of mobile website sessions were deserted if a page loaded for more than 3 seconds. 


So if you have a website of your own, you need to acquire website quality monitoring tools to make sure that your site’s performance is as good and as speedy as possible. 


But how important is a fraction of a second? Why should you optimize website speed and prioritize page loading time over website aesthetics and additional features? 


The answer is this: website loading speed makes a huge difference in user experience, search engine result rankings as well as conversions and transactions. Read on as we explain further. 


Web performance Affects your Brand 


Whether you’re happily running a blog for your personal hobbies and interests or a robust e-commerce site for your online business, it’s crucial for you to put your best foot forward. You don’t exactly do this if your site is slow and staggers when loading images, videos and other relevant content. 


SAG IPL says that you most likely only have 10 seconds to provide an impression to a site visitor before he or she decides to leave. You can understand the importance of a web performance test by imagining this scenario. 


You’re house hunting. Your real estate agent excitedly hypes up the best property he has on his roster as you make your way to it. When you arrive, he brandishes his hands as he shows you your would-be home and says, “Take a look! Here is our best deal yet!” When you look at the house behind him and when you finally get over his giddy demeanor and his manic grin, you see an old dilapidated house that can barely hold itself. There are gaps on the creaky floorboards. The windows and shutters are broken, and the roof is falling apart. The entire property is also in dire need of a new paint job. 


What kind of impression does this house leave you? If you have slow loading speeds and if you don’t have a website monitoring app with you, then you’re no better than this awful property, and that’s the impression you impart to your site visitors. 


Web performance is a reflection of your brand and your identity, and a website that performs poorly with lengthy loading time will give your audience a negative picture of you and what you offer. 


A Website Performance Test is a Necessity 


Web speed is an extremely vital factor of your website’s success in 2020. Whether your goal is to rake up more leads, transactions or conversions, you can wield website performance monitoring to effectively achieve those objectives. 


If you want to add more modern functionalities or more bonus features that can make your page stand out, you have to make sure that you’re not sacrificing your website speed. To ensure this, you need a website monitor app that can determine whether you’re gaining more than you lose. 


Besides this, acquiring website quality monitoring tools is also considered as one of the best practices for setting up a home office for remote work.


Even if you have kickass content, an aesthetically pleasing design or the perfect search engine optimization (SEO), a slow website will still drive away your audience and will still negatively affect your search engine result rankings. 


If you don’t optimize website speed, all your efforts to make your site as functional and as eye-catching as possible will be thrown down the drain because you’ll still end up disappointing customers and visitors. Web performance is one of the vital aspects for a successful e-commerce website. It’s also an important factor in achieving all your site’s primary objectives. 



A slow Website drives Away Visitors 


Website performance monitoring means measuring how fast your website loads, which is an indispensable determinant of virtual success. 


Like what we have discussed earlier, content, visuals as well as the best SEO tricks won’t matter if you still have a slow website because it will still make your audience uninterested and still drive away business. To prove this, Intechnic claims that slow-loading sites cost retailers over $2 billion in sales loss per year. 


This is why you need to optimize website speed so that you can have a fast loading site that meets customer expectations.


Data from Diginow UK shows that 47% of customers expect sites to load within 2 seconds or less. The same research claims that pages that completed loading in 2.4 seconds acquired a 1.9% conversion rate and that pages that finished loading in more than 5.7 seconds possessed a conversion rate of 0.6%. 


To make sure that all your efforts and endeavors don’t go to waste, use a website monitor app to guarantee that your website isn’t underperforming. 


A website performance test helps you stay ahead of the competition 


Website performance monitoring is something that should always be your top priority, especially when there’s a lot of competition online. 


A website with blazing loading speeds is a competitive advantage. 


Uptrends apply this concept to user psychology, saying that you can win back viewers and prospects from the competition by offering faster services. For users to significantly notice your edge from your competitors, you need to make a huge difference. 


The Weber-Fechner Law claims that for humans to notice a difference or change between two objects, they need to see a 20% change. In short, if your viewers and consumers are comparing your website loading speed to your competitors, you need to have 20% faster loading time. If your competitor’s page takes 4 seconds to load, beat it with 3.2 seconds or less. 


For users nowadays, faster translates to better. They want an instantaneous response. They’re not gonna sit down and wait. If your site loads too slow, they’ll switch to the next site and find what they’re looking for. 


A fast website translates to higher search engine rankings results


A carefully curated website, a superb online strategy and a strong online presence can only yield numerous benefits if customers and viewers can locate your website quicker and faster. That’s a sticky SEO fact. To ensure this, you need to develop a website that yields higher search results rankings on the search results page of search engines. 


In April 2010, Google began to use page speed as a determinant for search engine results rankings. This means that websites that are quicker to load are most likely to end up on top of the list, which means that viewers and consumers can discover them first and find them more quickly. 


You can get a faster loading website using web quality monitoring tools. These solutions can assist you when you check site functionalities by fixing dreaded 404 pages and broken links and set alerts that keep track of redirects as well as time spent on redirection to dodge possible web performance issues. They also help you analyze security and overall performance of your site. 


While there’s no magical formula that guarantees top search engine results, maintaining a successful SEO strategy revolves on a concoction of webpage metrics. Website performance monitoring and examining benchmarks that influence your SEO spot is the best scheme for maximizing your performance online. 


Why it Matters 


Brands and retailers are constantly pushing virtual boundaries in order to develop new experiences and build new bridges to connect with their audience. As design and functionalities evolve and as competition becomes tougher, these groundbreaking touchpoints start to break down site performance, and when user experience degrades, all these elements no longer matter. 


Remember: if a site is slow or clunky on a tablet, smartphone or desktop, nobody’s going to wait for it. Customers and viewers won’t waste their time on you or your business, so get a website monitor app now to take your web performance to new heights.