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Website Speed and Seo: A Never Ending Battle

Created by - Shamona Jha ,

Aug. 29, 2020, 5:05 a.m.

"If it takes one second vs two seconds, it makes no difference in Google rankings, anything higher then this will definitely." Quoted Larry Page (CoFounder of Google). Google algorithms are the fans of fast loading website and that showed with their new "Speed Update" algorithm. What does it mean to us?  In simple words, if your website speed is slow, then you will not score better on SEO Rankings, does not matter if the page is responsive on mobile screens. Google's 3 seconds limit has become a headache for website developers and everyone is looking to optimize their website more and more. And it does make sense as nobody wants to wait forever on a webpage. 


Keeping Search Engines Happy:

If I have to say mathematically SEO and WebPage Speed are inversely proportional. If the former goes high in loading times, the later's ranking goes down. So yes PageSpeed has a direct impact on the SEO. After researching various webpages and comparing their rankings and loading times, it has proved, pages that load faster have an edge over their competitors. Yes, there are other factors as well in the Search Engine Algorithms but Speed is right up there with them. The below graph shows metrics that prove the theory.





Speed, Experience, and Conversions:

As we have noticed above, the bounce rates and speeds are not inversely but directly proportional. As the bounce rate goes high the speed goes up implying that more individuals are just visiting the one page and leaving the website. Planning to start your career in Digital Marketing? Get info about Digital Marketing Courses in India to get started.


A well-optimized website would have the following :
Good SEO Ranking.
Much Easier to surf.
Better Conversion Rates.
Lower Bounce Rates.
Good Client Experience (no waiting headaches)

So with that let's end the debate and we conclude that Website Optimization matters if you want to stay higher with your competitors. Do not forget the next competitor website is a click away.