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The Greatest CyberAttacks in the World

Created by - Dhnesh Dhingra ,

Feb. 17, 2021, 8:58 a.m.

Every 39 seconds there is some sort of Cyber Attack ranging fr om tiny to major ones. The average data breach is approximately $3.9 million. These facts are quite immense and most of the attacks happen due to human error. Criminals have their eyes on your financial details, business data, or your customer's login credentials. Everyone knows how much data is worth in this century. So let's take a look at the biggest blunders in IT.

The first computer worm to get media attention was by a 23 years old boy Robert Morris in 1988. His father was security research for NSA in America. It was one of the first computer worms distributed via the Internet, The worm when out of hand when it malfunctioned around 60,000 computer networks and hosts linked to the network. The outcome was boundless blackouts in IT. The worm then realized to have the first major impact on why Network Security was crucial. It was the first breach in the History of enormous impact. As a result, Morris was sentenced under the "Cyber Fraud and Abuse Act."

Operation Aurora:

In the winters of 2009, Google released a blog stating that it has been a victim of a cyber attack. The IP requests traced back from China, and with them, other major IT giants like Adobe, Akamai Technologies, Yahoo had also been targetted. As indicated by a political link from the U.S. International affairs haven in Beijing, a Chinese source announced that the Chinese Politburo coordinated the attack into Google's Network. Google in its blog stated that over a million Gmail accounts that involved members of the US Government have been compromised, with that attack was originated to get access to source code for major Products.  One of the vindictive projects opened a far off secondary passage to the network, setting up an encoded secretive channel that took on the appearance of an SSL association with dodge discovery. This permitted the breach continuous admittance to the network and to utilize it as a "foothold" into different pieces of the network. China rejected the obligation for the assault which began in Jinan, wh ere one of six specialized surveillance agencies having a place with the PLA is found.

The IMF Attack:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a worldwide monetary organization, settled in Washington, D.C., comprising of 190 nations attempting to cultivate worldwide money related participation, secure monetary solidness, encourage global exchange. In 2011 some internal computers were compromised in the capital. The attack got the attention of the staff when they saw some critical file transfers happening over 30 hours. The breach was intended to acquire the market-moving insider information. They found the electronic trail left by hackers, which pointed to China and India. The spokesman said they were not prepared for this type of attack and lost heavy sensitive data within the period of attack. The NSA took charge of the security afterward and the IMF, which holds sensitive economic data about many countries, said its operations were fully functional.