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Search Engine Optimization with Artificial intelligence

Created by - Tony Hayden ,

Dec. 22, 2020, 6:45 a.m.

Search Engine Optimization In A Nutshell :

How Many Times you go on Google and type your search in the hope to expect your website to comes up. But most of the time you see your website link lying alone on a 4th-5th page of Google. That's Sad Of course. So what is the reason for that you ask? One of the major reasons is Bad Practices for Seo. Now the question comes what is SEO.

Seo Optimization is a technique to improve the traffic of a website and generate more organic results. So What are organic results?
Organic Search Results are the results calculated by searching query on Search Engines like Google, Bing. They are not affected by advertiser payments. In this blog, we will try to find ways to create an SEO Friendly Website so that Any Search Engine like Google can easily crawl, index, and shows to the audience. Let dig deep into this.

WebAnalyzer And SEO:

WebAnalyzer launched its SEO Analyzer to set a clear picture of Website Performance. WebAnalyzer scans are deep but easy to follow so any non-technical audience can watch and analyze. From Site Speed to Backlink Checker, WA not only points the errors in a website but also recommend step by step guide to implement. WebAnalyzer has set some criteria on which it gives a score on WebSite Performance. The Score is a benchmark of how your website is performing out of 100. WA only requires your website URL and the rest is up to the tool. You can also download the full audit-report. Let us check out the points

  • Page Wise Analysis
  • Summary of Word Count
  • HTML Seo Standards
  • List of Errors
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Overview of Bigrams and Trigrams
  • BackLink Checker
  • SEO Internal Deep Linking


AI to the Rescue:

Artificial Intelligence is a phenomenon in the 20th century when Data is gold. It's a fact that every Right Content Approach is rooted in data. AI can enhance any system given fine data. And SEO is premier based on all sorts of Content (termed as data). WebAnalyzer AI Trained model will give deep insights from your content with-in seconds. Having said that Now is the time to leverage AI for SEO.

Better Title Generation: With the Help of NLP(Natural Language Processing), AI will generate the Best Titles for your content. It will process the complete article or blog in seconds and will use sophisticated algorithms to generate Eye-Catching Short Titles.

Analyze Competitor Market: WebAnalyzer uses Google's data on your keywords to create a map between your rankings and your competitor's ranking. This way you can analyze the keywords you need to outperform the competition.

AI and Search Engines: Search Engines like Google uses AI to separate High-Quality Content from Spam. And it is using heavily in their algorithms. With WA you can set metrics of your content and work out the Plagiarism Checker.

Powerful BERT: The BERT calculation — Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers — uses Deep Neural Networks (NLP) to more readily comprehend the context of a search query. WebAnalyzer will make sure your content follows the BERT Standards and will recommend the changes wherever necessary

Image SEO With Computer Vision: Google emphasis more on Image Search Query from last year as visual content is more intuitive and used. Google Images and Video search is regularly skipped, however, they have enormous potential. WA used Computer Vision to match similar criteria between your images and your content. It is not only that, WA even recommends some images trending with the content for your help.