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Hourly Monitoring for WebPage Optimization and Changes

Created by - Dhnesh Dhingra ,

Jan. 7, 2021, 6:54 a.m.

How many times we make changes to our webpage and check the changes at regular intervals. What if the development team made a mistake over night and you forget to check. Well, Not AnyMore. WebAnalyzer will crawl your website on regular intervals so you can get notified every hour and receive a detailed report in a downloadable format to the registered email ID. It helps the users to detect hidden patterns and spot problems on time. It's easy to configure a 24*7 monitored setting; enter the URLs you plan to get timely reports. The Web-Analyzer would analyze the website after every hour and send reports on the email automatically. Let's say, you entered 5 webpages for 24*7 monitoring, then each of 5 webpages would be monitored automatically and you will get notified.

How It Works:

In the feature of WebAnalyzer, one has to just provide a target url and rest if up to us. The crawler will crawl the target webpage/website and the changes notification if any will include the URL that has changed and a unified diff of what has changed. You can get notified via email or via third party services like slack,discord,matrix or telegram so your work will not hinder at any stage. WebAnalyzer will automatically add cookies to HTTP requests for pages that need it. The major pro of This type of this Monitoring is since the output of date changes every minute, our crawler will produce a report every time a scheduler is run.

Compare WebPage Visually and Analyze the report :

Once you set a scheduler you will receive a detailed comparison of changes with screenshots on a specific part of the page. You can imagine it as a branch reflector just like in GitHub stages. It then produces a configuration for the webpage and generates a hash to for that particular webpage. So you can compare the server generated snapshots. The distinctions are demonstrated compared with the closest match.

Features of The Monitoring
  • It has Support for using POST Request and desired HTTP Request Methods
  • You can create custom schedulers
  • It can send proper User-Agents dynamically
  • Wide range of inbuilt-features
  • It utilizes Concurrency and checks for the smallest of changes
  • Visually Compare WebPages or Compare Web Pages since last commits/changes


If your page is loading too slowly, WebAnalyzer will take care of that also and will wait periodically on each request. It will wait until the DOM(Document Object Model) or say HTML is rendered and completely loaded.
Moreover, you choose to analyze Word-Based Differences on the webpages.