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Google LightHouse : Why and How to Optimize Website

Created by - Dhnesh Dhingra ,

Dec. 17, 2020, 8:21 a.m.

Pinterest revamped their mobile web experience to focus on performance, they saw an uplift in both user-sentiment and engagement with a net effect of a 44% increase in revenue

Tinder after implementing an aggressive performance change now sees more swipes on the web than on the mobile app.
And they both used LighHouse as their base for Website Performance.

LightHouse is free and open-source software made by Google to standardize web performance audits. It is a simple tool for improving the usability and website performance index. Nowadays everyone is using LighHouse as a speed tester and website analyst.

WebAnalyzer Has Integrated LightHouse:

From enormous user's request, we are proud to announce to you that WebAnalyzer has now its LighHouse. Our ultimate goal for this is to find every audit from one tool. People hate roaming around tools and collecting reports. Lighthouse’s
execution point of view is centered around the client's perception of speed. It is one WebPerformance tool in the market that shows actual loading points and trustable audits. The interesting fact is Google's PageSpeed uses LighHouse as its analysis engine
WebAnalyzer has a simple interface for LightHouse where you just enter the Url and you get an interactive report of the target website within seconds.

Checking Criteria and Output

WebAnalyzer simulates the website in a Chrome Driver with the help of LightHouse and using Standard Bandwidth Throttling. The main Goal of LighHouse is based on an analysis of the following. All the results are accumulated and summarised to check the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Overall performance
  • Progressive web applications
  • Best practices

Stack Packs lighthouse Launched a new update in which it can detect what platform your site is built on and display accordingly stack-based recommendations. These recommendations are defined and curated by experts from the community.

lighthouse Audits

LightHouse provides many essential tips for enhancing your website speed like Optimizing CSS orreducing render-blocking scripts
We have collected the most significant ones and listed them below.

  • Main Thread Work Breakdown
  • Preload Key Requests
  • JavaScript Boot-up Time is High
  • Avoids Page Redirects
  • Unused JavaScript
  • Uses Inefficient Cache Policy on Static Assets
  • Avoid Costly Multiple Round-Trips to Any Origin
  • Use Video Formats for Animated Content
  • All text remains visible during webfont loads
  • Unminified CSS & JavaScript
  • Unused CSS Rules