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Compare Multiple Websites For Optimization

Created by - Dhnesh Dhingra ,

Jan. 11, 2021, 9:15 a.m.

Contrasting your Website with your greatest rivals is valuable for many reasons. To start with, it causes you find ignored cases. It likewise gives you a benchmark for development objectives. It additionally instructs your position for your industry which could help you stay on top of things. 

Our examination features permits you to choose the WebPages that you need to think about essentially. You need not have to utilize site page URLs for scanning purposes any longer. With our services, you will get a definite aftereffect of the two Websites that you have offered us to analyze. All the website pages are filtered completely by our proficient framework. You can see the comparability report inside the sitemap. We ensure that the report is structured and easy to understand. With that one get actionable and personalized PDF-reports and statistics for your web performance issues. Also Setup automate reporting, schedule timely alerts and receive notifications of your website's performance directly to your Email.


You need not to experience the bad SEO Ratings of low rankings because of slow WebPages. To ensure your sites gets optimized and run smooth, we have  created our sophisticated scanning criterias. So you can visually check the issues your Website has and the issues your compitetor's Website has. The Scanning is done in easy steps. Just Enter the website urls to want to get reported on and hit submit. The Reports covered 

The Scanning Runs on Following Criterias:

  • Server Response        
  • Page Size        
  • Total Page Requests      
  • Page Load Time        
  • Page Redirection      
  • IPv6 Enabled        
  • Render Blocking Sources        
  • Total Image Sizes        
  • DOM Health        
  • DNS LookUp        
  • Analyzer Score        
  • HTTP2 Enabled


Each one of these issues are challenging to understand and need technical knowledge to fix. We guarantee that you will have full information about the these metrics so your Website Can Perform Well. Over 15 Servers located worldwide will give you a broad Geographic reach for analyzing your website. Our robust algorithm reports the complete list of page loading issues and gets a brief description of problems and guidance on how to fix them. Our data-centric AI algorithms analyze your website and gather essential data and predict major threats causing speed/performance issues in the website. AI models would help in automation testing and progressively guide you with website performance issues. Get a visual representation of key performance indicators such as developer tool-kit, web page major threats, connection throttling, deep-dom analysis and other metrics. Focus on the poor performing factors to boost the page speed.

Compare with multiple websites to get a look at where your website stands in this competitive world. Here you can test up to 5 webpages parallelly and compare the results.