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A  Complete Transparent Website Analyzer 

Created by - Mark Taylor ,

Nov. 24, 2020, 1:30 p.m.

Think of what issues a website might have after its development ?? Code and Website Optimization, A  Thorough Testing, UI and Responsive Testing, Security Assessment, 404 pages and what not.And for each of the features told above we have a lot of free tools that are expertise in their domain.

Let's Take an example, 

For Website Optimization and Fast Loading Times of Websites we have GTMetric, PingDom.

For Ui And Responsiveness we have https://www.browserstack.com/, https://www.responsinator.com/,amiresponsive.com etc.

For Security Assessment we have https://detectify.com/, https://www.trustwave.com/, https://www.acunetix.com/?ab=v3 etc

As a Website Tester or Before going Live, we must have access to these tools to help us automate in checking the website thoroughly and submit the report now and then.

What if we find all the above features in one tool rather than roaming around looking,downloading and accumulating reports. WebAnalyzer is one such tool with all the above features in built and interesting part is most of them are free.

WebAnalyzer automates most of the scanning test, so that you do not have to wait for your reports longer.

Its an AI Powered tool with deep insights for your website. What could go wrong with your website, WebAnalyzer is there to notify and alter you in advance so you do not waste your time looking for this.

Let's Get Deep Into the Features Arena for WebAnalyzer and compare with the specialists in the domain.

1. Website Optimization -

   GTMetrix: WebAnalyzer

Test Server Locations Around the World 7 WA offers 15 testing servers 
Advance Mobile Optimization  No Advance Mobile Optimization
Google LightHouse Testing   No Yes 
White-label PDF Reports Yes   Yes  
Daily API Credits     50 500
AI Image Optimization No AI Image Optimization,Compression 
WebPages Major Threats No WebPages Major Threats


WebAnalyzer offers Deep Insights into the world of Front-end Optimization so your developers find and fix the issues faster. With The Features Like Mobile Optimization, Scanning Major Threats and Google LightHouse Integrated.

WebAnalyzer should be the go to tool for WebSite Optimization

You Can Check the details for the same in https://gtmetrix.com/pricing.html and https://webanalyzer.io/plans

2. Website UI, UX and Responsiveness Checker -


  Browser Stack      WebAnalyzer
Unlimited Screenshots Yes   Yes
Deep Dom Analysis No Yes
Compare Multiple Sites No Yes
Mobile DevTools Yes Yes
Custom Report Filters No Yes
All Desktop browsers Yes Yes


Most of the features are included in both of the tools, but WebAnalyzer moves a step ahead with its Deep DOM Analysis and gives the freedom for users to test their website with their competitors website. After All it's a competitive market and you want to know where your website stands while comparing.

3. Website Security:

"A breach alone is not a disaster, but mishandling it is",   As Serene Davis quoted, 

Security of a website is in the maker's hands. So it must be handled carefully. On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. WebAnalyzer recruited a team of Security Professionals, Green Hat Hackers and discussed what it is that makes a system vulnerable. Working ahead, we created a tool that would show more advance scans than black box testing but with simpler outputs. 

Now there are some Good Tools on the Internet which does the job, but understanding the reports and complex architecture gives a Layman Website Owner scratch his head. 

If you visit https://www.trustwave.com/ https://www.netsparker.com, they did not even mention the scan criterias on which your website would be analyzed. 

On the plus side, WebAnalyzer is transparent and interactive with its features

WA would scan your website for:

  • Domain and SubDomain Spoofing
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Analysis
  • File Upload Vulnerability
  • HTTP Header Analysis
  • Server Security Analysis
  • Penetration Testing With Deep SQL-Injection.

The features are self explanatory if you ask a security expert. With WebAnalyzer you will discover Common Web Application Vulnerabilities and Server Configuration Issues. So you can protect your website better

And much said, we have not discussed the pricing of WebAnalyzer. With the above mentioned websites asking for 100's

 of dollars for their niche, WebAnalyzer Pro Plans is 25$ only. 

You Build, We Protect Your Next Big Idea