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Web-Analyzer Performance API

Get Developers API-Access, Learn About Our Resources, Set Custom Alerts and Reports

Try The API Explorer

This below guide will demonstrate how to use the API Explorer to test the base Monitoring API methods. API Explorer is nothing but a widget attached as a test case for the REST API. It's a user-friendly way to get started with the Web-Analyzer API. The API Explorer is an excellent way to try out methods in the Monitoring API without having to write any code.

API Documentation

Web-Analyzer Performance API

Web-Analyzer gives the access for its features in the form of API. Performance factors like CSS/JS/Content/image analyzing can easily be integrated into your application.

By initializing the API, anyone can analyzer any website speed factors or issues. You can try the API Explorer above to get started.

Get Started with your choice of language with the endpoints defined.

Get Started with your choice of language with the endpoints defined.

import requests
url = "https://webanalyzer.io/api/performance-api/0.2/trial-api?url=http://esferasoft.com&access-key=6EAXpblvK03BxOH"
response = requests.get(url)

API Access End-Points

The base URL for the Performance API is https://webanalyzer.io/api/performance-api/0.2/. View our below reference for a list of available endpoints.

Endpoint Description


Returns the css performance analyzing factors


Returns the js performance analyzing factors


Returns the content performance analyzing factors


Returns the complete performance analyzing factors

API Quota

The following are the quota limits for Performance API.

  • 1 performance api request = 1 credit .
  • Web-Analyzer Basic Users can use up to 100 API credits daily.
  • Users can request extra credits by upgrading the account Plans.

* Note The 100 API credits are free daily and would be renewed after 24 hours.

If you require extra API credits or have queries, please feel free to contact us.