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Experience Performance Insights for Better WebPage Speed


Black Box Security Testing

Discover Common Web Application Vulnerabilities and Server Configuration Issues. Enter the website domain, and find Server Leaks or Threats like Phishing, Domain Spoofing, Cross Site Scripting, PenTesting etc.


SEO Optimization

Running an SEO Audit will analyze your On-Page SEO, Link Metrics, AI Content Recommendations for the Website. WebAnalyzer will scan web pages and their content to be easily discoverable by Search Engines.


AI Powered Predictive Analytics

Our data-centric AI algorithms analyze your website and gather essential data and predict major threats causing speed/performance issues in the website. AI models would help in automation testing and progressively guide you with website performance issues.


Mobile Optimization

Test and Analyze Real Time Website Loading Experience on Mobile Devices. Analyzing Mobile Friendliness, View Ports, Responsiveness and Real Time Mobile Device Loading Experience.


Load Testing

Load Test your website to check how much users/requests a site can handle. Stress test your websites to ensure they can handle peak traffic conditions.


Google LightHouse Testing

Running LightHouse on an Emulated Device will run a barrage of tests, and Generates a report on Page Performance. We have inbuilt Google LightHouse in such a way that you will do your Website Performance with ease.

HowWeb-Analyzer will Help You

Website Speed has been an issue for a decade now, surfing around the web we have not found enough tools that can give a clear picture of why it is happening. That's when we started a team of researchers and developers to make our custom Web-Analyzer. Web-Analyzer is a simple but powerful website performance monitoring tool that helps you understand the poor performing indicators. We are trying our best to show the complex things happening to your website in layman's terms so that you can understand what is really happening under the hood. As our Manager always say "Measuring performance must not be hard, anyone must have access to their website easy analytics and metrics, after all its their website".

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