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Experience Performance Insights for Better WebPage Speed


15 Testing Server Locations

Over 15 Servers located worldwide will give you a broad Geographic reach for analyzing your website. Analyze the loading of your website/webpages from different regions around the world to see how the website latency and speed are performing.


Identify and Fix Issues Faster

Our robust algorithm reports the complete list of page loading issues and gets a brief description of problems and guidance on how to fix them. A complete website testing and optimization tool for the website testers and maintenance developers that never existed before.


AI Powered Predictive Analytics

Our data-centric AI algorithms analyze your website and gather essential data and predict major threats causing speed/performance issues in the website. AI models would help in automation testing and progressively guide you with website performance issues.


Automate Reporting And Alerts

Get actionable and personalized PDF-reports and statistics for your web performance issues. Setup automate reporting, schedule timely alerts and receive notifications of your website's performance directly to your Email.


Powerful Dashboard Features

Get a visual representation of key performance indicators such as developer tool-kit, web page major threats, connection throttling, deep-dom analysis and other metrics. Focus on the poor performing factors to boost the page speed.


Free API Access

With Free API credits, get all key performance indicators (KPIs) of a webpage and integrate it within your tools. API access has all the performance indicators that our Web-Analyzer shows on the website.

HowWeb-Analyzer will Help You

Website Speed has been an issue for a decade now, surfing around the web we have not found enough tools that can give a clear picture of why it is happening. That's when we started a team of researchers and developers to make our custom Web-Analyzer. Web-Analyzer is a simple but powerful website performance monitoring tool that helps you understand the poor performing indicators. We are trying our best to show the complex things happening to your website in layman's terms so that you can understand what is really happening under the hood. As our Manager always say "Measuring performance must not be hard, anyone must have access to their website easy analytics and metrics, after all its their website".

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